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Internet Explorer Apparantly 3D browsers are the latest fad, as after uBrowser based on Mozilla Firefox, there is now SphereXplorer, a 3D browser based on Internet Explorer and SphereXP. Indulge yourself in screenshots, or just download and try it. Then, go to our comment section and explain the usefulness, if there is any.
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by asabil on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 00:56 UTC
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yet another useless tool using an unusable browser under an not ready to use operating system [/troll]

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RE: useless
by poundsmack on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 01:08 in reply to "useless"
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i dont think discarding such aplications like this as "useless" is hardly apropriate. these are inovative aplications and visualy rather impressive. while there practival aplication my be questionable the fact that it is something new and inovative is good. what if people never tried to do something diferent or new. we would al still be using windows 3.1.1 and have our interfaces like that. now we have the beauty of OSX and Vista and SUN's Looking glass project (needs lots more work but has so much potential). discouraging these developments only shows short sightedness. personaly i think this is great. keep up the good work.

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