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Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption is a new feature in Windows Vista that provides enhanced data protection for your computer. BitLocker is Microsoft's response to one of their top customer requests: address the very real threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned PC hardware and tightly integrate the solution into Windows. Windows Connected recently had an opportunity to ask the Windows Vista Bitlocker team a number of questions.
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RE: British Government
by Deviate_X on Sat 4th Mar 2006 16:22 UTC in reply to "British Government"
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PLan: Shame he didn't comment on this -

The you want is here by Niels Ferguson one of the bitlocker developers -
- quote: "Two weeks ago BBC News published an article speculating about a possible “back door” in BitLocker ( The suggestion is that we are working with governments to create a back door so that they can always access BitLocker-encrypted data.

Over my dead body."

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