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Open-source vs. closed-source quality
by fretinator on Thu 7th Jul 2005 20:29 UTC
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I work primarily as a closed-sourced developer, and I can attest, after seeing MANY thousands of lines closed-source code, that open source code is normally of a much higher quality. It is simply amazing to me the number of $1,000,000 projects that consist of code with no real coding standards - poor indentation, poorly-named variables, etc. When I look at the code to open-source programs I have to compile, I see none of this.

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That has little to nothing to do with the code being open or closed source. It's simply the people that worked on it. Open/closed source is a LICENSE, not a methodology for the style to write code.

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> Open/closed source is a LICENSE, not a methodology for the style to write code.

You are right. However when you write open source code, you know by definition that you potentially expose it to public developers, among whom there are competent people. Sometimes they are even more competent than you, so you tend to write it as clean as you can. Obviously, it does not mean your code is not error-prone. By the way, "as clean as you can" is quite subjective and does not always mean "clean" ;)

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