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Apple PCMag reviews the MacBook Pro, and concludes: "For typical users running the iLife '06 suite, iTunes, and even nonuniversal applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe products, the Apple MacBook Pro is a solid notebook. It's a sweet upgrade from the PowerBook G4, and Windows users switching over will like it just the same. But for sophisticated media enthusiasts or professionals, we suggest you wait a couple of months, or at least until the software can catch up with the Intel components, before diving in." They did some benchmarks too (the MacBook Pro beats the PowerBook G4 in every area, at the cost of 7 minutes of battery life), and they made a slideshow with photos of the device.
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I am sure Dell/HP/IBM/any other laptop maker would have said the same thing. This has to do with cooling. If the vents are blocked, then the laptop won't cool properly.

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I got a Toshiba laptop less than a year ago, and it runs cool enough to use on my lap. Even under heavy use it's not uncomfortable, and the vent is on the side, not out the bottom.

If Apple wants to turn laptops into one piece desktop's that's their choice, but I won't buy something that's touted as being portable if it's only portable to a place where there's a desk or table to put it on. That's not truly portable. Slower processors that run cooler and can have vents going out the side are a worthwhile tradeoff in a laptop for being able to put it down in your lap when there are no desks or tables around. If you need the fastest thing money can buy that's what desktops are for.

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