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Apple This week saw the introduction of various new Apple products. Everybody has their own opinions on these new products, and websites all over the world saw enough discussions about the integrated video card of the Mini, the 'HiFi-ness' of the iPod HiFi, and more. Another issue, however, which got considerable less attention, was that of pricing. And no, I'm not talking about expensive-or-not (God, no). I'm talking about price differences between the US and Europe. And quite frankly, it's pissing me off. Note: This is this week's Sunday Eve Column.
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by Andre Siegel on Sun 5th Mar 2006 22:28 UTC
Andre Siegel
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The European Union enforces that all consumer goods have to be sold with a 2 year warranty. This is not the case in the United states where Apple products are usually sold with a warranty of only 12 months (like the Mac Mini, for example). Same applies for DELL to name another well known computer company.

The different legal situation regarding product warranty could in many cases justify a 5 to 10% difference in price as you have to deal with a higher amount of accrued liabilities, i.e. less cash to invest freely.

No offence intended, but I was a bit disappointed by the opinions expressed in the last two Sunday Eve Columns. I am looking forward to the next one and hope I will like it better.

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RE: Warranty
by JustAnotherMacUser on Sun 5th Mar 2006 22:40 in reply to "Warranty"
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Well that explains it. Really no need to go any further.

I agree this Column need a bit more work, it sounded more like a vent.

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RE[2]: Warranty
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 5th Mar 2006 22:53 in reply to "RE: Warranty"
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Well that explains it. Really no need to go any further.

No, it does not explain it. Why? Because there are bound to be laws or legal requirements in the US that negate the effect of the extended warranty-- laws that have no equiv. in Europe.

Other than that, I don't think an extended warranty can account for a price raise of 7-9%.

Oh and besides, I also don't think the extended warranty is the cause of the absurdly high price raise of the low-end Mini, now is it?

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RE: Warranty
by WZot on Sun 5th Mar 2006 23:11 in reply to "Warranty"
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Just what I wanted to say myself. The warranty laws in Norway is like this aswell, perhaps even more strict than EU ones. And in addition to that theres always been like companies set different prices for different countries compared to how the financial situation is in that particular country. It's just easier to see it now when we can put each (next to identical) store next to each other and compare.

Now I don't really think that the Mac prices are that bad at all (except from upgrading RAM and similar in AppleStore...I rather buy it online), atleast not for the Mac's I got (iBook G4 and iMac Core Duo). Mac's are amazing machines, with a great OS; and hardware that competitors actually don't offer at lower prices (I have yet to see a "PC iMac" that's cheaper than the iMac). You get what you pay for. With Mac's you get great quality! ---I should note this is just my personal opinion. What others might think is up to them. I dont want to start over the whole OS war thingie...---

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RE[2]: Warranty
by elmimmo on Mon 6th Mar 2006 08:32 in reply to "Warranty"
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The please explain Apple why they only give 1 year of warranty in Spain.

The myth about 2 year warranty in Europe comes from a picky law with lots of small letter, that, summing up, comes down to the customer having to prove to a judge that whatever failed after the first 6 months is not due to his/her fault.

Really cool law, IMHO. It effectively shuts the mouth of stupid voters while taking power from them.

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RE[3]: Warranty
by Troels on Mon 6th Mar 2006 12:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Warranty"
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Go check what your national law says instead of relying on what Apple writes. In Denmark i get 2 years of warranty on the purchase plus 2 years on any repairs/replacements from the day of the repair, despite Apple claiming (on their website) it to be 1 year from purchase and 90 days from repair date. It doesn't matter what they write or even make you sign, luckily i can not sign away my rights.

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RE: Warranty
by juraj on Mon 6th Mar 2006 18:09 in reply to "Warranty"
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our apple reseller within european union forces consumers to buy "additional year of warranty" if we are consumers (i.e. not companies). So if you want to buy a mac here and you are not a company, you simply have to pay additional year of warranty in addition to 5-10% difference in price and simply won't sell you a mac without that additional year of warranty.

So no, this is not the case.

This is one of the things why I decided, that I won't buy another mac. I have powerbook g4 and i'm going back to classic manufacturers.

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RE: Warranty
by Pasha on Mon 6th Mar 2006 18:42 in reply to "Warranty"
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In Italy Apple sells with 1 Year warranty.
The EU law states restrictions to the seller to sell a compliant product according to what is adversized, otherwise the seller has to return money in the first 6 months.

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