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Gentoo "It's been a while since I last reviewed Gentoo Linux because there haven't been too many significant changes in the past few releases. I've been using it as my primary desktop operating system for a year and a half, though, and I've been running my main Web/email/database server on it since October of 2004. There's a reason why I've stayed with it that long, both as a desktop and server OS - and there's also a reason why I'm writing a review of the 2006.0 release after a long hiatus from Gentoo reviews." More here.
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Just so everyone knows...
by brewin on Tue 7th Mar 2006 03:08 UTC
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Stage 1 installations are not recommended anymore. The reason being is that it is simply not necessary. The recommended method is a Stage 3 and then (if you want) you can do an "emerge -e system" to recompile your working system. This way, you can get a working Gentoo system up in about an hour and then recompile while you're doing other things. So there is no reason why your computer should be rendered useless for days, like some still believe...

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