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Gentoo "It's been a while since I last reviewed Gentoo Linux because there haven't been too many significant changes in the past few releases. I've been using it as my primary desktop operating system for a year and a half, though, and I've been running my main Web/email/database server on it since October of 2004. There's a reason why I've stayed with it that long, both as a desktop and server OS - and there's also a reason why I'm writing a review of the 2006.0 release after a long hiatus from Gentoo reviews." More here.
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RE: minimal binary installation
by berzerko on Tue 7th Mar 2006 04:17 UTC in reply to "minimal binary installation"
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you may want to try this out:
RR4 linux. its basically gentoo, just all the hard work has been done for you. its a liveDVD though, thats the only drawback i think (big download).

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Angel--Fr@gzill@ Member since:

!!!!! RR4 - gentoo based

I have tried it and it's very good and cool.

But I think its comppiled for a 586, so in theory it won't be as quick as Gentoo... Isn't it ???

On the other hand I remeber have read in several Post in the Web, something about the compilers in gentoo, and other stuff... (don't remember what), that make that the distro finally installed is NOT as quick as it should be theoretically.

And that finally its not quicker than debian.
Some of them said they had moved to debian; that the speed was the same than in gentoo, so , Why spend so long compiling to get the same results ???

Anyone have any info, idea about that ???

Rational, informative anwsers, please.. Not flames, of Gentoo priests telling me is not true, and that I will burn forever in the linux hell...

Why and how.. ???



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Moocha Member since:

Why do you pay attention to arguments a la "X is better than Y" when it's obvious from the context that people are making emotional rather than rational decisions?
Just try all options and keep what *feels* better to you. This way you won't be disappointed.
For reference, I've been running Gentoo both on my desktop and on several production and mission-critical servers since mid-2003. Never looked back. But that's because it's a distribution that fits me. Do the same - trial and error, while lengthly, will result in the best distribution for you.

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gentoo has the theoretical advantage of compiling the whole bunch of software specifically for your computer. and you could prevent stuff you don't need from installing and compiling in. and you could optimize packages individually. and easily add unstable stuff to test it (eg you can do 'emerge kopete' and portage will get the latest subversion checkout of kopete and compile it - you can't get more up-to-date, nor easier...).

on the other hand, you WONT have time nor knowledge to optimize it all to the max, while the debian mantainers, having years experience in optimizing and sending in patches if it doesnt work, CAN and DO optimize stuff more than you would.

so in practice, most gentoo users won't get their system much faster than a debian OS.
and with checkinstall and a BIT more work, you can get the latest SVN from kopete yourself...

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@ Angel--Fr@gzill@

RR4 is a good idea but, when I tried it, it felt it too limiting (of course, it could have just been me). For some reason, I couldn't do an "emerge -uD world". It would fail.

However, I did find that Kororaa ( is a quick way to install Gentoo, if you don't want to do a traditional Gentoo install. I put it on my laptop a little over a week ago and I am very happy with its performance.

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You should be able to get away with not downloading the whole ISO by booting with the install initrd and using nbd-http, to mount the ISO over http.

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