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Intel Intel demonstrated two quad-core processors Tuesday, 'Clovertown' for servers and 'Kentsfield' for PCs, directing attention toward the future during a more troubled present. Pat Gelsinger, a senior vice president in Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, demonstrated both processors in a speech at the company's Intel Developer Forum here. Both chips are built using Intel's 65-nanometer manufacturing process and will ship in the first quarter of 2007, Intel representatives said.
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I honestly expect AMD's highend dual core chips to beat Intel's quad core ones.

Sorry to break your expectations, but...

2.66 Ghz Conroe is upto 20-40% faster than 2.8Ghz FX-60.

I forecast lots more missed quarterly sales quotas before Intel gets a clue and fixes its root problem, an on chip memory controller

Intel CSI interconnect bus will appear in 2007. As for now, well, the 1333MHz FSB is not so bad.

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one little problem... the FX-60 isn't AMD's highend chip, its the highend of the middle of the road, opteron is AMD's high end line, not the FX-60 that the article would have you beleve. The opteron 2xx and 8xx series have even more memory bandwidth, so don't let the pro-intel sites fool you.

I Didn't see any world record benchmarks posted from Intel perhaps they are hiding something?

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Explain for the reader the computationally-significant differences between the FX-60, Opteron 185, Opteron 285, and Opteron 885 in single-processor configurations. Also help the reader by pointing out where he can purchase a CrossFire Opteron 885 board.

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Conroe isn't Woodcrest, and games aren't really what one uses a server processor for. Conroe isn't Clovertown either, which is the real target of his criticism. There are some comments about the Hexus and AnandTech game benchmarks that I could make, but I'd rather wait.

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