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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In a preview of Tuesday afternoon's demonstration, Intel Marketing Director Brad Graff showed CNET several of the Ultra Mobile PC devices, including an example of the kind of hardware that will ship in the next few weeks as part of the Microsoft effort. As earlier reported, the first devices have a 7-inch touch screen, standard x86 processors, and can run full versions of desktop operating systems including the Windows XP variant being used for Origami.
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RE: blogged about it
by memson on Wed 8th Mar 2006 13:25 UTC in reply to "blogged about it"
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Eugenia is right. These devices look enough like the old Dt300 I used to own running BeIA. Cool little device, had the WiFi been something other than some proprietry proxim one, I would still own/use it.

Also have to point out... BeIA was a fairly full OS under Wagner. If you quit Wagner, you booted into Tracker...

The problem with BeIA was that it was unfinished (at least the engineering samples I used.) Wagner was fairly stable, but booting to Tracker proved that there were bits missing. Mostly this was the filesystem used (CFS rather than BFS) and the fact that all the Exe's were in "crushed" into CELF format (compressed ELF.) BeIA was fully expandable if you didn't compress the apps (and compressing the apps was not mandatory, though it halved the install base) - indeed a lot of R4.5 and a number od R5 apps and drivers will work with BeIA so long as the OS was not crushed.

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