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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In a preview of Tuesday afternoon's demonstration, Intel Marketing Director Brad Graff showed CNET several of the Ultra Mobile PC devices, including an example of the kind of hardware that will ship in the next few weeks as part of the Microsoft effort. As earlier reported, the first devices have a 7-inch touch screen, standard x86 processors, and can run full versions of desktop operating systems including the Windows XP variant being used for Origami.
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Time and market is the answer
by Chreo on Wed 8th Mar 2006 13:54 UTC
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Origami like devices are nothing new per se but there is a reason why it's generating more buzz than deserved. The market is ready. Since Newton, BeIA and PDA devices the whole cellphone market has exploded from just being voice only to be media devices. At the same time laptops have been steadily increasing in sales. We've gotten used to be much more mobile.

Now, many have found that they DON'T need a full laptop do do most their mobile computing needs but need something bigger and more capable than a cellphone or a PDA. THe cellphone and PDA is simply too small (screen-wise) for useful webbrowsing and quick input. The PDA is nice but still to limited in both size and foremost lacking in capabilities that we're used to in a laptop. Enter the origami device, nothing new but completely right in todays market which is what previous attemts have not been. I can see this almost completely replacing the laptop (except for uses where you need quick keyboard typing and more powerful computing capabilities -> desktop replacements).

Sure MS marketing plays a part but the market is ready now and that is the big difference.

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