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Features, Office " 2.0.2 is available today. This release is recommended for everyone. It contains some new features, fixes many small bugs, and resolves numerous issues. The community have further added import filters for Quattro Pro 6 and Microsoft Word 2. As well, other import filters have been improved and it is now easier to use mail merge. Integration with the KDE address book is now possible. The appearance has also been enhanced, and for Linux users, there are new icon sets for KDE and GNOME."
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by Hands on Thu 9th Mar 2006 19:40 UTC
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I have been hammering on OOo 2.0 since at least a year ago when it was in the beta phase. It actually seemed pretty stable back then. With this release it's not even just the "stable" release. This is the second bug fix release with some incremental improvements. For those who won't touch software until it's had at least a couple of bug fixes, this is your release.

This is also a great place for new users to jump in. OOo looks and feels much more like MS Office than 1.1 did. Some people don't like that, but since most people new to the office suite are coming from MS Office, it should minimize the learning curve.

Many people wonder why programs such as Firefox and OOo are able to spark so much interest. IMO it is because they are able to function very well within their core functionality while at the same time extending beyond that. The ODF file format pushed forward by OOo offers the first real hope of completely transparent file compatibility between disparate productivity suites. That is just as wonderful to me as getting OOo at no cost.

I do realize that OOo isn't yet the best tool for the job in all cases, but I'm grateful that it has become a great tool for the job that works for me and a lot of people I know.

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