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Features, Office " 2.0.2 is available today. This release is recommended for everyone. It contains some new features, fixes many small bugs, and resolves numerous issues. The community have further added import filters for Quattro Pro 6 and Microsoft Word 2. As well, other import filters have been improved and it is now easier to use mail merge. Integration with the KDE address book is now possible. The appearance has also been enhanced, and for Linux users, there are new icon sets for KDE and GNOME."
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RE[4]: OOo = Next Big Thing
by dylansmrjones on Fri 10th Mar 2006 10:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OOo = Next Big Thing"
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Well, Microsoft is also big in Denmark, but the movement is clearly heading towards open standards.

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RE[5]: OOo = Next Big Thing
by kaiwai on Sat 11th Mar 2006 03:38 in reply to "RE[4]: OOo = Next Big Thing"
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I wish that were the case, but even if there is a move to, people will still be tied to the Windows platform due to the lack of commercial software for Linux. How, why and when it occurs, the end user doesn't care, he or she won't and can't move until there is the same level of ISV support on Linux and as there is on Windows.

If OpenStandards were the driving force, no one would be running a PC, we would be all running SPARC workstations with OpenBoot firmware, running some sort of UNIX varient whilst relying on the OpenMotif toolkit. The reality, however, is some what different, with people putting their priority on productivity rather than well meaning, ultruistic visions of openstandards and opensource.

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