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Features, Office " 2.0.2 is available today. This release is recommended for everyone. It contains some new features, fixes many small bugs, and resolves numerous issues. The community have further added import filters for Quattro Pro 6 and Microsoft Word 2. As well, other import filters have been improved and it is now easier to use mail merge. Integration with the KDE address book is now possible. The appearance has also been enhanced, and for Linux users, there are new icon sets for KDE and GNOME."
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From my experience, OOo is resleased first for English users, and then in the next days, or weeks; the other language versions are being released...

Related to the OS binaries, Windows, Solaris and Linux, are first, generally at the same time, other OSs come later...

All this depends also, on the collaboration and work pace of the comunities, and people working in the different localisation and OS version.

I guess you will have to check for the PPC Mac OSX in the comming weeks!!!

I can add that there are at least two different versions from two differnt comunities, of OOo for PPC OSX Macs. Here is the Link of those Ports:

For a reliable and stable intel CPU Mac OS X, I guess you have to wait, although it wont be very difficult to base it on the existant intel CPU versions for Linux, windows and BSD...


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