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Linux "Of the challenges that GNU/Linux users face when choosing hardware components for any system is the sound card compatibility. ALSA, or officially known as Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, provides much of the audio and MIDI functionality to Linux users and is largely replacing OSS. Today we are examining Linux audio performance in the gaming environment with a slew of various sound cards by examining their effect on frame-rate performance. The contenders are Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Z3, Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2, Chaintech AV-710, Aureal Vortex (AU8820), and AC'97 integrated audio."
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RE: 800x600?
by philicorda on Sat 11th Mar 2006 13:56 UTC
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"Remember, he's using Linux ... 800 x 600 is awesome on that platform. The rest of us Windows idiots have to deal with crappy rezos like 1400 x 1050, while playing lousy-ass games like Battlefield 2."

I expect they used that resolution so the speed of the graphics rendering was irrelevent. It's commonly done to simplify the load when testing other components such as CPU or subsystem performance.

Not all Windows users are idiots, despite your impressive example.

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RE: RE: 800x600?
by rockwell on Sat 11th Mar 2006 15:48 in reply to " RE: 800x600?"
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//Not all Windows users are idiots, despite your impressive example//

And, apparently, not all Windows users can detect sarcasm, even when applied thickly.

This is evident in *your* impressive example.

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