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Apple Today, I decided to give Linux a try on my iBook. I've been wanting Linux on my iBook for a long time, but I've simply never had the time to do it. I ran the occasional PowerPC live CD, but live CD's are far cries from the real, installed thing. A second showstopper was that suspend never really worked-- and I cannot use my iBook without suspend. After trying out a new live CD yesterday, I found out that suspend on lid closure now worked mighty fine on Linux/PPC; hence, it was time to do the real thing. And oh how I was left surprised. Note: This is this week's Sunday Eve Column.
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RE: MacOnLinux reversed?
by h_t_r on Mon 13th Mar 2006 03:42 UTC in reply to "MacOnLinux reversed?"
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try Mac-on-Mac:

It's a os x port of the good Mac-On-Linux.
It's not perfect, but works.

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