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IBM IBM Germany has refuted a Groklaw report that the division has decided to migrate Windows desktops to Linux rather than upgrade them to Vista. Groklaw's story was based on statements reportedly made by an IBM sales executive in a presentation at LinuxForum 2006. This morning, Hans Rehm, of IBM Germany's Press Relations department, emailed the following, somewhat ambiguous, statement.
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RE: Groklaw
by hal2k1 on Mon 13th Mar 2006 08:51 UTC in reply to "Groklaw"
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//Groklaw is an appalling website; I can't imagine how anyone could take information from Groklaw verbatim without checking facts first?!//

Groklaw is light years ahead of OSNews in regard to sticking strictly to the facts.

It is anything posted on OSNews that one needs to check the facts about. The administration of this OSNews site seems to have an absolutely false impression that being "objective" just means posting opinion from both sides of a story.

This is not the case at all. Being "objective" means sticking to verifiable facts, representing only facts as facts, not omitting any relevant facts, clearly labelling any quoted opinion as opinion, highlighting which side of the table that opinion comes from, and not representing opinion from vested interest as being neutral.

Groklaw does all that far far better than OSNews does.

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