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KDE Better late than never: "With more than 1500 improvements since the first beta release of the 1.5 series, the KOffice developers invite the user community for the final round of testing of KOffice 1.5 before the first release candidate. Read the full announcement, the changelog, download the release, and give it some real world testing for us!"
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RE: Koffice on windows natively?
by boudewijn on Wed 15th Mar 2006 07:21 UTC in reply to "Koffice on windows natively?"
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Not yet... But kdelibs4 already compiles mostly on Windows (and OS X), and the porting of KOffice to Qt4 will start after the first release candidate. That is, in a week. We hope to have a technology preview of KOffice 2.0 ready late this year, and a release eary next year. And those will run on all three platforms that are supported by Qt4: X11, Windows and OS X.

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That really is sweet. AFAIK OO.o isn't too popular on OS X because people need to run it in an X server window and experience some inconveniences as a result. KOffice would have the upper hand here because Qt works quite well on all three platforms.

Would that make KOffice the first OSS Free and 0$ free office suite that works smoothly in all three platforms like it belongs to each?

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