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Apple "In twenty odd years of working with computers, I never owned an Apple computer. Frankly, until OSX, I was never interested. But the BSD underpinnings of OSX got my attention. The Mac finally got a "real" operating system. It was interesting enough that several years after it debuted, I purchased my first Apple computer on eBay, a Mac Mini, to dig a little deeper into the OS. Not only did Apple do something right with OSX, but it was smart marketing to introduce a cheap Mac that worked with PC hardware. It is squarely aimed at Windows switchers and the mildly curious like myself. I would never have considered springing for a full-blown iMac or iBook as a learning exercise, but a used Mini fit the budget."
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In OS X, trying to use the dock as a taskbar to manage windows and to switch between them will only lead to frustration.

Thanks to point this. It drives me crazy, especialy when i need more than 8 terminals. The big joke is that Mac users i know never noticed that the Dock does not fit for multiple windows apps. And no, exposť is not a usable solution, it's a solution when you're completely lost.

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"And no, exposť is not a usable solution, it's a solution when you're completely lost."

I'm still trying to figure out what this is supposed to mean. If it works, then it's a solution.

I guess it all depends on what your definition of "solution" is.

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An alternative solution would be Command + ` (To the left of 1), which will allow you to cycle through every application window.

However, in most cases, Exposť F9/F10 works better, especially if you have it mapped to the squeeze button on a Might Mouse.

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You should check out Desktop Manager. It gives you multiple desktops, like a proper unix system has. In my default setup, I have six desktops; one for email, one for browsing, three or four for terminals (9 or 12 terminals generally in use), and maybe one for iTunes. It's really nice to be able to lay out ones desktops geometrically and not have to constantly rearrange windows.

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