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RE: PDF export
by boudewijn on Wed 15th Mar 2006 15:58 UTC in reply to "PDF export"
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All I wanted to say is that we're not the only people in the world who think the print dialog is actually an okay place for this bit of functionality. That's all... For 2.0 we'll probably have to put an export to pdf option in the file menu (although, actually, I don't see why pdf is so special it should have its own toplevel entry in the file menu) just to get rid of this particularly recurrent theme. Although I'm sure we'll find it'll be replaced by another bit of "this feature isn't like OO/MSO -- you must change it or your work is crap".

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RE[2]: PDF export
by superstoned on Thu 16th Mar 2006 15:51 in reply to "RE: PDF export"
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well, then, let me say - your work isn't crap. far from it. Koffice lets me create everything i want and need, faster and easier than OO.o. I'm looking forward to 2.0, as i hope some performance issues and esp the font kerning problem in Kword will be fixed by Qt 4.x, but aside from these, i have no problems with Koffice (tough I only use krita, kword and kspread). ow, wait, yeah, i use OO.o for pdf creation. pity OO.o screws up some OpenDocument files.

usabillity-wise, Koffice rules. i just started to use the styles in Kword, and i'm impressed. also the automatic creation of an doc index and the variables work great.

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