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Databases "Within the past two years, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft have all released freely available versions of their flagship database servers, a move that would have been unheard of just a few years ago. While their respective representatives would argue the move was made in order to better accommodate the needs of all users, it's fairly clear that continued pressure from open source alternatives such as MySQL and PostgreSQL have caused these database juggernauts to rethink their strategies within this increasingly competitive market."
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I use postgre and I like it. It does not take that much memory and has many(if not all) of the features of its big brothers.

I personally appreciate: the regular expressions, that it has a .NET provider and a 64 bit version.

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read the article

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Postgresql is centainly a good choice for middle size database system. I just moved our system from Postgresql to DB2. Then I knew its sql explainer is much better than DB2's when there's some outer join and distinct in a sql statement. (I have already installed the newest fixpaks for DB28.2). It's very nice for programmer since it supports a lot of language, and its authentication part is also very flexable. (support IP address restrict). Only thing that Postgresql need to do is to enhance its scalability: specially on partitioning and threading query.

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