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Apple "In twenty odd years of working with computers, I never owned an Apple computer. Frankly, until OSX, I was never interested. But the BSD underpinnings of OSX got my attention. The Mac finally got a "real" operating system. It was interesting enough that several years after it debuted, I purchased my first Apple computer on eBay, a Mac Mini, to dig a little deeper into the OS. Not only did Apple do something right with OSX, but it was smart marketing to introduce a cheap Mac that worked with PC hardware. It is squarely aimed at Windows switchers and the mildly curious like myself. I would never have considered springing for a full-blown iMac or iBook as a learning exercise, but a used Mini fit the budget."
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"In OS X, trying to use the dock as a taskbar to manage windows and to switch between them will only lead to frustration"

i totally agree with you! every windows user i know does exactly that! and yea...the get frustrated...a blert out... "windows still have a better task bar!" and of couse.... i agree... but then again OSX does NOT have a task bar. it has a dock...which is not supposed to be used as a like that wondows task bar! thats when i aquaint them with expose using "active screen corners...." task bar-smashk bar!!!!

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