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General Development Team System posted a tutorial on how to install and configure Subversion under Windows, while this article describes how to create both the repository and your projects while running on Windows or Linux.
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Subversion and VSS
by chiwaw on Thu 16th Mar 2006 04:41 UTC
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Whereas I found Subversion invaluable for large scale projects, with a code base shared by many programmers on various location, I feel like I'm better served with VSS when comes to lone, local projects.

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RE: Subversion and VSS
by BryanFeeney on Thu 16th Mar 2006 12:23 in reply to "Subversion and VSS"
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Given that VSS only primarily provides locking facilities, it's not of much benefit for lone, local projects. One of the advantages of Subversion is that if, say, you discover a bug while adding a new feature, you can fix the bug in the stable branch, merge that change into your trunk, update your files, and then continue working on the new feature. It's that ability to easily merge changes that sets things like Subversion and even CVS before it above VSS.

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RE: Subversion and VSS
by WebWeasel on Thu 16th Mar 2006 22:03 in reply to "Subversion and VSS"
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Having been an involuntary, long time VSS user and administrator I have to say that you'd be much better served by Subversion.
VSS on a network is just a nightmare. It gets silent corruptions in old versions that ANALYZE cannot find or fix, unload/reload will unload and reload database errors, no security at all. You can't delete or rename files and still have older versions work.
You don't have to believe me. Google SourceSafe and see what you find. Also, check the big SCM vendors. Most don't even compare their products to VSS. It's just not considered a professional tool. Microsoft dosen't use it for their source. Why should you?
Avoid VSS like the plague.
SVN just works as advertised.

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