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Apple As we reported a few days ago, the Windows XP on Mac contest has been won by 'narf2006'. The contest website says that a solution has been found and tested to work. A video of Windows XP booting can also be found.
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Voice of reason?
by kkamrani on Thu 16th Mar 2006 18:32 UTC
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I consider this a hallmark in computing. People can rant and rave about how useless Windows XP is, or question why this project/contest was done... which shows how disillusioned they are. There is a need for Windows XP, whether you like it or not, and this 'hack' and the $14k of community money behind it definately shows there's a need for it. And, in this scenario, I really do not understand what all the complaining does ultimately. If someone could explain that, I would appreciate it.

I, however, do understand the need for people to commend this kind of work, be it in donation or just praise. Rather that be anti-supportive of a project like this, let's be proactive and test out the software if we can. Let's focus on the future of this project like driver issues and stability... and to build a community instead of being ignorant of the importance of this milestone. If you have something negative to say about it, be thorough in your critique; don't just put up a knee-jerk reactionary comment.

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RE: Voice of reason?
by thavith_osn on Thu 16th Mar 2006 19:25 in reply to "Voice of reason?"
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Us Mac users can try and be smug and say that the only platform we will ever need is our Macs, and to a large extent that is true, just like the Linux guys who do the same and so on.

But how cool is this, now there are not too many reasons technically right now not to buy a Mac. You can boot whatever OS you like, so you will never feel "locked" in to one vendor anymore (though Linux (and various others) has been on the Mac for quite some time).

You may never boot into XP (or Vista when it comes), but at least you know you can if the need ever arises. Now when I recommend the Mac platform to anyone, I can say that if all goes wrong, and they just can't use OS X, then at least other solutions exist. I have always found people who move from XP to OS X have the opposite reaction, but that is neither here nor there...

Personally (except for gamers), VMWare (when it ships) on OS X will be probably be the solution of choice I guess...

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