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Amiga & AROS Last Saturday on the 23rd of July Amigans worldwide celebrated the 20th birthday of the Amiga platform at several events and gatherings. It was the 23rd of July 1985 when the Amiga 1000 was unveiled to the public at the Lincoln Center in New York. At the three biggest Amiga birthday events there were also extensive AmigaOS4 presentations. Here is AmigaWorld's extensive report.
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Its wonderful!
by on Thu 28th Jul 2005 20:45 UTC

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Yes, one realises that OSs are really for at least some a kind of cross between a social club, a family, and a religion. I'm delighted to hear they are all having fun together. They seem terribly nice. In fact, hey seem much less bigoted and self righteous than the equivalent Mac people. But maybe time and falling market share will mellow those guys too?

Anyway, good luck to you, Amigans all! And to you Macians as well!

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RE: Its wonderful!
by on Fri 29th Jul 2005 01:57 in reply to "Its wonderful!"
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"But maybe time and falling market share will mellow those guys too? "

Yeah only problem is latest figures suggest market share is going up!

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