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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Based on Debian Linux and promoted by Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Linux has gained a loyal following since it's inception. Today we'll be taking a look at Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog and see what this South African based distribution with a global appeal is all about.
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My experience with Ubuntu mixed ...
by JeffS on Thu 28th Jul 2005 21:26 UTC
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Good points:
- Easy text based install
- Strong Gnome implementation
- Great centrally managed repositories, Synaptic preconfigured
- fairly fast
- most hd detection is good
- free CDs! (with free shipping!)
- unique default theme (human)

Weak points:
- Installation takes way too long - the decompression and copying of files takes longer than any other distro I've seen.
- Video detection and auto-configuration flakey. On all of my machines, Ubuntu failed in video config in one way or another - usually going to 16 colors, low refresh rate, 800x600, etc. I would always have to pop in Mepis, which has a feature to copy X config to HD, which would fix Ubuntu's failings (or I would have to manually config X, which is hit or miss). BTW - all other distros I've tried on these same machines (RH9, Mandrake 10, FC2, Knoppix 3.4 & 3.8, Mepis 2003.10 & SimplyMepis 3.3.1, DSL 1.1, Kanotix 2005.1, FreeSbie, and CentOS 4.1) have managed to detect and auto config video flawlessly.
- Lack of extra GUI config tools. Mandrake has MCC, Mepis has OS Control Center, RH/FC/CentOS has the various system-config-x gui utilities. Gnome sytem tools are nice, but fall short of the others.
- Selection of software installed on single disc way too limited. Knoppix easily manages to fit 2Gig of software on one disc (with it's excellent compression technology), but Ubuntu doesn't put much on the one disc. Kubuntu's lack of software (doesn't even have a text editor or games) is actually appalling. They could have easily fit on the "build essential" package, or Abiword & Gnumeric, a few more games, etc. The repos and Synaptic are nice, but it's nice to have more from the get-go.
- default desktop background in Hoary is uglier than sin.
- badly over hyped in Linux media/forums/community. Ubuntu is a nice distro. It really is. But it's not the best thing since sliced bread, and IMHO, there are better all-around distros out there (depending on individual needs).

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You've hit the nail right on the head. This same OTT "best thing since sliced bread" approach to Ubuntu happened with Gentoo a few years back. Give it a few years and all the hoo-hah about Ubuntu/Kubuntu will have passed and it will be just "one of the distros" by then.


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