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BeOS & Derivatives People love screenshots. It's probably because humans are a very visually orientated species. When it comes to software, people claim to be able to judge entire products, just by looking at a few screenshots. Especially for those people: 85 screenshots of Haiku running all sorts of applications. For the people who've been living under a rock the past 5 years: Haiku is an attempt to recreate BeOS as an open source product. And for the people who don't know BeOS-- click here.
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RE[5]: Haiku is gettin' awesome!
by Beta on Sat 18th Mar 2006 05:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Haiku is gettin' awesome!"
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Sadly jam isnt kept up to date as much as we'd all hope. Haiku has shown a few limitations in jam -- the devs have extended / corrected them for the version that resides in the Haiku repo.

Once you've built Haikus jam, you should have no problems

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Luposian Member since:

I've look everywhere in the Haiku source tree I download and I see no files that related to the source code of Jam. If it's there, I want to know where. I see no .c or .cpp or .h files of any kind, specific to doing a jam of Jam. I can't even find a "make" file for Jam either!

I'd be happy if someone would just do a build of the very latest Jam and post it on their web site or blog or home page or whatever, so I can download it.

And why can't Haiku, Inc. have the latest (regularly updated, as needed) version on their own website and post on the front page when a given "revision" of jam is no longer valid and you need to download the very latest version from the Build Factory menu?


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The build tools (which include also jam) are in the "buildtools" module, not in "haiku". You need to checkout it too from the svn repository

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