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Internet Explorer At its Mix '06 designer confab next week, Microsoft will distribute a 'layout-complete' IE 7.0 test build, yet another step along the way toward the final IE 7.0 release, and talk IE futures, too.
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Your bit of revisionist history is historically inacurate, factually lacking and legally uninformed.

IE ended up as the default browser of millions of pc users because that's what Microsoft tied into its operating system, where it already had a monopoly, thereby making it impossible for any other company to compete with IE by selling a browser.

The fact that IE encouraged the use of all kinds of extraneous and proprietary extensions to html development attests to the real reasons why other browsers were displaced. Hell, this remains a problem to this very day.

Please spare us your propaganda. The public simply knows better.

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Please spare us your propaganda. The public simply knows better.

Another deluded hater.


Tell me, porcel, how should I proceed to use your Open sauce "pathetic-crybaby-sore-loser" mentality to get me a free Perdition's Blade for my Rogue? Should I whine, to Bliz, about how the other guilds "monopolizing" good Ragnaros drops?

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Boy oh boy, did this thread bring out the MS apologists. Not even getting paid for your nonsense, instead you just take what MS shovels your way with a smile whether it's roses or it's shit, and somehow thinking it's a good thing to not be able to make choices. Really, it's astonishing to see that people can still be such mindless followers, not of an idea, but followers of a multi-colored butterfly icon. Or maybe a nice red, white and blue elephant.

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