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Fedora Core Fedora Core 5, 'Bordeaux', has been released to mirrors. The release notes [.html download] are posted, along with sets of screenshots of the installation procedure and the resulting desktop, by Linux-Noob, so boys and girls, rejoice. The main new features of Fedora Core 5 are the latest GNOME and KDE desktops (2.14 and 3.5 respectively), integration of early work on the Fedora Rendering Project, Mono installed by default, new pakage manager front-ends, better sleep/hibernate support, and much, much more. Update: Screencast and screenshots.
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Perhaps in the future RH should not put out the ISO on their FTP until they release it officially?

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thebluesgnr Member since:

They don't.

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So is it just supposed to suddenly appear on all the mirrors at the exact same instant the release announcement is made? I'd like that connection.

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Nathan O. Member since:

Perhaps, but Red Hat's uploading-without-announcement doesn't mean it's released. What if this is an almost-final version? What if they're really still testing a couple things "just to be sure" before they call it "released"?

Fact is, it's been made available. It may be taken down any minute now. That's happened before with other releases of other distros. It hasn't been released until the maintainers say so.

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Do you understand how the mirror system works? Official builds are made by Redhat/Fedora. Once done they get pushed out to mirrors several days before the official release. This much time is allocated to allow all the supported mirrors to sync up. There are other considerations as well such as official 'yum' respository mirrors etc. After all that is done, usually based on some common time (usually GMT) most all mirrors are opened at the same time (not 100% sure?). Often some are delayed, but some accidentally open early which leads to these "leaks". ... If they waited till the "official release date" you would actually be waiting days past that.

In any event I think it was silly for OSnews to post this as "Released" when in fact it wasn't. Not only do those few mirrors or open sites get pounded, but the torrents work very poorly (some people claim to have better luck). It is better to use the official torrent when available so everyone can help eachother out. Additionally 'yum' won't work and bugs can't be filed till the release day (which due to a kernel problem in FC5 is VERY relevant).

I have some notes I've made for FC5 (based on test3) that I will be updating this day:

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jaykayess Member since:

They have to seed the mirrors some time before the official release date, so that all the mirrors are ready when people start downloading.

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