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Games Sony's PS3, scheduled to be released near the end of this year, has been slated to have a hard drive that will support and will even include preinstalled Linux. This could be a breakthrough event not just for Linux but also for other alternative operating systems as well. The PS3 will almost certainly sell millions and millions of units, providing a unique opportunity for people to try something that would be more difficult on their regular computer.
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big question is
by dvhh on Mon 20th Mar 2006 19:02 UTC
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will the ps3 be GPLed ?

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RE: big question is
by markjensen on Mon 20th Mar 2006 19:36 in reply to "big question is"
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If that is a serious question, let me answer it.

No, just because something runs on, or is written for, Linux or other GPL software, doesn't automatically mean that the whole product being offered must be GPL. I can install and run UT2004 on my Linux box, yet the source is closed for the game. There is no sharing of code.

Now, if someone made a game that made use of some GPLed libraries, then they would potentially be obligated to open up portions of their code, depending on how they used those libraries and so forth.

Check out for more information, or take their quiz at for soem tough questions that have seasoned Open Sourcers scratching their head and guessing.

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