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General Development All the data stored in a Python program is built around the concept of an object. Objects include fundamental data types such as numbers, strings, lists, and dictionaries. It's also possible to create user-defined objects in the form of classes or extension types. This chapter describes the Python object model and provides an overview of the built-in data types.
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RE[9]: namespace pollution
by Soulbender on Tue 21st Mar 2006 09:26 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: namespace pollution"
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"Placing blame has no place in the workplace, who cares who broke it...just fix it."

You are blessed with sane middle-management ;)

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RE[10]: namespace pollution
by jayson.knight on Tue 21st Mar 2006 09:36 in reply to "RE[9]: namespace pollution"
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Lol, considering I have been middle mgmt (which I hate, but it's a natural career progression unfortunately...bleh) on some projects, I'll take that somewhat as a compliment.

In the end it really isn't about singling who's fault it is. Stuff just needs to work...if it gets broken, get it fixed ASAP. If "blame" needs to be placed, that gets figured out later on. It's not about the language/platform being used, it's about the end result.

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