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Windows Microsoft has officially announced to ActiveWin (over a conference call) the release date of Windows Vista. Windows Vista will be made officially to consumers in January 2007, while making Windows Vista available to businesses only in November 2006. In addition, there will be a feature complete Beta 2 CTP released in the next quarter.
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by kkamrani on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 00:29 UTC in reply to "RE"
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What about the iPod, the iTunes music store, the Intel transition, Mac OS X server, .Mac?

You sure can compare the two. They both are software makers, that have enterprises in the hardware business. Be it Origami versus iPod, or Microsoft Office Suite to iLife/iWork there are some similarities.

To say there isn't is to be ignorant that at the core these are two competing coorporations. One can't compete with another who does not share any similarities with the other.


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by sappyvcv on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 02:35 in reply to "RE"
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You don't want to even know all the products Microsoft has put out since even 2004. It will put Apple to shame.

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by ApproachingZero on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 08:29 in reply to "RE"
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>>You don't want to even know all the products Microsoft has put out since even 2004. It will put Apple to shame.

Because "more" equals "better", right?

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by BluenoseJake on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 05:02 in reply to "RE"
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Mac OS X server and Mac OS X are almost the same, the only difference is server applications and management apps, Thom mentioned the music business, and .mac came out in the 2000-2001 time frame, and as far as the transition goes, Mac OS X has run on x86 since Next so how is any of that really relevant?

Apple has shipped:

Mac OS X 10.0-10.4.x
iMovie HD
Transition to x86 (not finished)
Several different versions of the iPod
Final Cut Pro 5
Logic Pro

Microsoft, since 2001 has shipped

3 different versions of Visual Studio
2 different Versions of Office (and working on a third)
2 different versions of Windows 2003 for 3 different platforms (IA64, x86, x86-64)
Windows XP and 2 service packs, for 3 different platforms(IA64, x86, x86-64)
Windows XP Embedded
Windows CE and Windows Mobile
2 versions of Windows Media Center
Windows XP Tablet Edition
multiple service packs and updates for win2k
Xbox and Xbox 360
Great Plains and Outlook CRM
Rebuilt that Crappy MSN
SQL Server 2005
Exchange 2003
.NET runtime 1.0, 1.1 and 2
ISA server 2004

Neither of these lists are exhaustive. :-p

While no one is saying Apple isn't busy as hell, and putting out good stuff, the shear volume of products that comes out of Redmond is astonishing. (This is in no way a judgement about the quality of those products, I leave that for another day, another argument)

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by PowerMacX on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 08:55 in reply to "RE"
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Agreed, neither of your lists was exhaustive, but:

- You mentioned Microsoft's "3 different versions of Visual Studio".
- Forgot to mention Apple's Project Builder & 2 versions of it's successor, Xcode.

- You mentioned Microsoft's "n versions of this, n versions of that"
- Forgot to mention that practically all of Apple's apps in your list had more than one major version released in the same timeframe.

For a company as big as Microsoft, I would have expected a LOT more.

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