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Amiga & AROS Last Saturday on the 23rd of July Amigans worldwide celebrated the 20th birthday of the Amiga platform at several events and gatherings. It was the 23rd of July 1985 when the Amiga 1000 was unveiled to the public at the Lincoln Center in New York. At the three biggest Amiga birthday events there were also extensive AmigaOS4 presentations. Here is AmigaWorld's extensive report.
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Re: why amiga?
by Mike Bouma on Fri 29th Jul 2005 02:09 UTC
Mike Bouma
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> i know basically nothing about amiga, what features
> does it offer that may draw me away from linux,
> windows, or osx?

Compared to WindowsXP, MacOS X and Linux, AmigaOS4 running on A1 spec hardware is blazing fast and responsive.

Compared to WindowsXP and MacOS X, AmigaOS is very flexible, configurable, open and modular. You can potentially add, replace and/or remove nearly any system component (with open source or closed source commercial ones) like is the case for AmigaOS3.9, AmigaOS4 is now many manyears ahead of OS 3.9, as such the OS has been largely redesigned and now includes many new OS features.

However at this stage the OS is only available to anyone as an advanced developer pre-release (with a license to upgrade to the full release when available). Currently the hardware has sold out completely at the over 20 official 3rd party A1 dealers worlwide, but hardware will soon become available again. Many dozens of Amiga developers are currently working hard on finishing OS4 system components as well as various commercial and/or free launch titles.

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RE: Re: why amiga?
by kaiwai on Fri 29th Jul 2005 04:33 in reply to "Re: why amiga?"
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Regarding the new platform; I think the biggest win would be if they made it available on the Apple Mac platform - not necessary the G5, but atleast the iBook, PowerBook, eMac, iMac (G4) and Mini-Mac, which would cover most people.

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