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Fedora Core Lunapark reviews Fedora Core 5, and concludes: "I would only recommend FC5 to people who do not own Nvidia video cards or do not mind tweaking a lot default settings to get things working. Otherwise stay with what you are using and wait for SUSE 10.1 or Ubuntu's Dapper. But if you do stick with FC 5 and get past the quirks, it is quite impressive and I am already eagerly awaiting FC 6."
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Binary video drivers on Dell D600
by dhaneshr on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 13:00 UTC
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I installed FC5 on my Dell D600, and for once everything (so far) works out of the box. Suspend function finally works without any tweaks with the ati/radeon driver that's comes as default though 3D hardware acceleration seems to suffer to some extent. As pointed out by several other readers, perhaps a longer period between final test and release may help to iron out the annoying bugs and make the future releases better in that respect. Such bugs, however miniscule they may be, gives very bad publicity to the Fedora community and developers to the otherwise solid distro. Been with FC since Core 2...keep up the good work :-)

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That's interesting, I also have a D600 and unlike Ubuntu Breezy, the wireless does not work out of the box (mainly because the firmware is not included). Again, annoying but easy to fix.

The installer consistently picks the wrong screen resolution (800x600 during install), then after selecting a lcd screen 1024x768, it jumps to 1280x960. Can such things still not be detected reliably?

BTW, 'radeon' 3D accel can be greatly improved by tweaking your setup with driconf. ;)

On a final note, I just noticed that yes hibernate and suspend do work, but in the shut down dialog, the button which hibernates the system is labeled as Suspend. WHY?

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