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Zeta Ever since Be, Inc. was dissolved and its BeOS technology was turned over to the Palm OS charnel house in '01, Be fans have been eagerly awaiting a successor to their favorite operating system, with very few rays of hope since. Earlier this month, however, yellowTAB released their BeOS descendent Zeta. Have Be fans finally found their savior, or is this just another failed attempt at reviving the dead? Read on this review will help you decide exactly that.
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RE: Not the best review...
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On the other hand, I am getting tired of the comments about BFS and attribute querying. BFS competes well against Google desktop, spotlight and the upcoming Vista + updates. It is a very quick and powerful tool and I think the people who berate it simply don't understand its power or have not used it.

I never used BeOS for more than a couple of hours, but I'm a bit tired of seeing BFS metadata search sold as something that it is not. It's a nice technology that could have _led _to great search tools years ago, when all you asked from an OS was for it to have a sort-of-working native application for each need. But nowadays, as the vendors lock-in falls apart and documents start to flow more freely between different OSs and systems you need a real live query system to:

1) index and search the _content_ of the files through a library of importers/plugins
2) work on different filesystems, with various degrees of extended attribute/metadata support

That's what Beagle, Spotlight and Windows' next search tools aim for.
BFS metadata looks more like a good foundation layer for the part of the search that happens on it. But in real life (in real work) you have to deal with USB pens formatted in fat32, or remotely mounted shares in NTFS seen through samba, full of Word files and PDF files with no metadata set on them, save for those an importer can extract from the proper 'data'.

Again, I'm sure a BFS-only-solution is great for a limited use, and it was really a breakthrough when it came out, but our needs or at least the needs of many users have changed since then.

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