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Mac OS X "As a long serving citizen of the Internet I have, in my time, accumulated membership to a number of email groups. It was in one of these groups that I first heard reports of a virus (Leap.A) that had started to infect Apple's Mac OS X operating system. I was not surprised that this had happened; in fact I was quite taken aback that it had not happened before! But I was flabbergasted by the response of the Mac Mafia to this news. The assumption that something is infallible is at best naive and at worst stupid; it can only invite trouble."
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by siraf72 on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 21:00 UTC
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obviousely I would never suggest that any OS is virus/malware free. I think the reason why the "mac community" (whatever that maybe) reacted the way it did was the simple fact that no mac user has ever heard of a mac being infected outside of lab conditions, AND that the hype was totally disproportianate to the threat ( I recall BBC news articles on the "mac virus").

I have to say though I own a Mac SE (which still works in full B&W glory btw) which at some point had loads of viruses (according to anti-virus at any rate). What those viruses did I can't say because I never lost any data. It may have been system 4.x but still.

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