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OSNews, Generic OSes The C64 group 'Singular' has released 'Singular Browser' - a graphical web browser with CSS support for the C64. It's still in the early beta stages, but looks quite impressive for a computer launched in 1982.
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Really pushing it
by eivind on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 03:51 UTC
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I think this is a fantastic example. Just imagine the potential of a modern computer, if it is pushed to the same extent as this.

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RE: Really pushing it
by diskinetic on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 06:01 in reply to "Really pushing it"
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Yeah, if and only if... it'd be awesome.

However, I honestly don't think that to be truly possible. As nice as it is to "optimize" a modern PC, the reality is far more complicated, to my reckoning. PCs (to lump a term) are constantly being asked to do increasingly complex, simultaneous activities. Right now, mine is checking the weather, fielding IMs, ripping down an old Doobie Brothers' CD, playing "Bullet the Blue Sky" in Rhythmbox, and allowing me to post here, and I'm fairly sure I'm laughingly short of occupying my computer as much as many of the readers here are. Yet, the complexity and simultaneity is an arduous act in itself. Push one activity too far, and another suffers. Loose up a bunch of capacity, someone will just pile something else in there. Now, if the discipline exists to "single-task" as much as possible, due to hard limits, then optimization becomes a dominant theme, and you have these stories of the "little 'puter that could". Bravos all around, I'm sure. But hey, it's 2006, not 1986. I mean, I miss the fun, cheap functionality of my old C64, but would I trade my Lappy 486 in for it? Not on your best biscuits, Martha.

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RE: Really pushing it
by timosa on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 06:20 in reply to "Really pushing it"
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I think it very much depends on what kind of hardware the developers have. If they are forced to use very low resources in development then the resulting software will be lightweight. I suppose most of time of the C64 browser development was used in meditating efficient algorithms, finding heuristics and optimizing existing code.

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