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IBM "BM's Thinkpads had a consistent reputation as a solid, reliable business-oriented laptop. With IBM divesting of its PC division to Lenovo, many have wondered what will happen to the ThinkPad lineup. Will the quality decrease? What about performance?" Ars reviews the Thinkpad X60, and concludes: "The X60 is a solid implementation of the new Core Duo platform. Lenovo hasn't lost the ThinkPad 'touch' yet, and is proceeding with development in the same way IBM has. And the new Core Duo platform brings dual-core performance to Centrino, while keeping the same low power usage."
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by Kancept on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 22:37 UTC
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I won't be buying a new Thinkpad with Lenovo at the helm now. Looking at the pics, I see they've added Win-keys! That is one thing I hane enjoyed about my Thinkpads is the software neutrality of them. They convey no preference for one OS over the other. Maybe they will start to sell key cap replacements for the various OSes running on them...

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