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Amiga & AROS Last Saturday on the 23rd of July Amigans worldwide celebrated the 20th birthday of the Amiga platform at several events and gatherings. It was the 23rd of July 1985 when the Amiga 1000 was unveiled to the public at the Lincoln Center in New York. At the three biggest Amiga birthday events there were also extensive AmigaOS4 presentations. Here is AmigaWorld's extensive report.
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The Amiga, if you don't know it, was the most amazing thing ever to find its way to my desktop when I first got mine.
No compare to anything out there for the end user at that time. You could not buy a PC with the ability of an Amiga.

This is the one platform that I believe could have competed with Windows and Mac OS if it had been managed properly. If Amiga had had its own Steve Jobs, there would be 3 major players today.

To me the Amiga is pure nostalgia. I'm never getting rid of my two A500s [although they'll probably never boot again].
Even though some dimwit did something really stupid with the Paula chip and there were so many viruses that I had more of them than I had disks in my collection [yes, innocent and young], it was the best time with computers I've had prior to OS X.

And it meant that aside from that one time where one of my Amigas sported a piggy-back 286 processor on top of the MOTO 68000 [to run one -1- program, bannermania, I think] I never had to own a DOS/Windows machine, something I am profoundly pleased of [and hold the flame, this is done on a PC, I know why I don't like them].

Any former Commodore execs reading this: you're a loser for not being able to making something truly revolutionary a resounding success although you had everything in your own hands, there are no other words for it [well there are, but I don't want to be modded down].

Here's to a long life for a great platform!

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