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Windows Microsoft appears to be in a state of panic, ordering 60 per cent of its new operating system to be re-written amidst a major shake-up of its troubled Windows division. According to a Volish denizen speaking to, orders have come down from on high to rewrite more than 60 per cent of the consumer version of Vista in a bid to get it ready for the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas.
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Vista - The OS that may never happen.
by AxXium on Fri 24th Mar 2006 17:06 UTC
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Vista - The OS that may never happen.

Delay after delay after delay.

I think there is a good chance of blackcomb being released before vista.

Why doesn't MS just concentrate of getting blackcomb ready and forget about vista?

If they don't, I predict blackcomb will be released sometime around 2020.

Truly sad for the MS sheep.

But what do I care? I actually don't care about vista. Linux is my OS. Vista is just an amussing distraction to me, hehe.

And vista is just semi-free advertising for MS, bad advertising, yes, but advertising all the same.

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JacobMunoz Member since:

I remember that name ... 'blackcomb'.. what was that supposed to be anyways?

I've got my whole Win world all mixed-up (just like MS does)..

Am I correct in assuming Longhorn = Vista? - or was it XP?

And at this point, everyone who is saying 'Vista will be able to do ___, and ___, etc' simply have NO basis for saying so. It simply doesn't exist - and developer & beta releases don't mean a thing regarding what a product will ACTUALLY be. I've heard so many Microsoft minions talk about what Vista's features ARE - it makes me nauseated.

They should abort this whole thing and start porting the WinFX API to Linux - now THAT would be a product everyone would like (until they bastardized Linux into THEIR product)...

...OK, so I should take that back. Microsoft, DONT port to Linux - it's just too stable for your products. ;)

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sappyvcv Member since:

Um.. ok.. then you can't talk about Compiz, XGL or any upcoming OSX LEopard features ;) I mean afterall, it's not *OUT* and final yet, right?

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Dude, you totally make linux users look bad...

This news could be true, and who knows what part of it is being re-written. I am sure it is an exxageration, but I would not be surprised if there is a major thing going on right now.

but seriously, people need to stop being so hard to on MS. Meeting a deadline on such a massive project such as Vista can not be easy, and deadlines always shift. Where is the next Ubuntu? Oh look its deadline shifted. Chill out.

Now start flaming!!! *rolls eyes*

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