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Amiga & AROS Hyperion, the company behind AmigaOS 4.0, has found at least one way to generate revenue from AmigaOS 4.0. "Hyperion Entertainment VOF announces that it has licensed its 3D driver technology for ATI Radeon 9000 chipsets to Smiths Aerospace LLC. Hyperion's 3D driver technology is OpenGL ES compatible and was originally developed for Amiga OS 4, Hyperion's multi-media centric, small foot-print embedded OS."
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RE: AOS4 on commodity hardware
by elwood on Fri 24th Mar 2006 18:09 UTC in reply to "AOS4 on commodity hardware"
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> it isn't going anywhere

I can assure, it is going pretty nice on my AmigaOne :-)

This is not just a (relatively) funny comment to yours. I mean that OS4 at least gives a damn fun to all Amigans that use it. And this is "going somewhere" for all of them.

And to all people that say "this hardware is bad", I'd say "if it allows me to run OS4, it is not bad !".

And to all people that say "PC hardware is cheaper", I'd say "I'm sorry but I prefer to pay a more expensive hardware if it brings OS4 to me".

It's just a matter of "do you like OS4 or not" not a matter of price. In other words, if the price annoys you then you are not an Amigan, keep walking.

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hagiz Member since:

So only people with enough money to not be annoyed by overpriced hardware are real Amigans? Nice attitude, keep it up and you'll get tons of support for your platform.

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Redhouse Member since:

Sadly that is their usually attitude. To be a true Amigan you must buy crap overpriced hardware (without a warranty) and you must support companies who`s main interests are to rip people off.

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