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Windows Ars is contradicting the 60% claim made earlier today, stating: "Reportedly, the Media Center code in the OS is in shambles, and needs to be saved by the Xbox code team. Curiosity piqued, I contacted my usual sources. In short, the story is an extreme exaggeration. I suppose this much is obvious from the mere fact that what was once a late November shipping date has now moved to January 2007: would the revelation that more than half of the code is in need of repair only translate into a two month delay? Of course not. I suppose the cynic could still invest in this rumor by arguing that the delay will stretch into 2007, but that has yet to be seen, and it really amounts to FUD at this point."
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Unless you can't read it's been stated already that Vista holds MANY improvements over XP including performance and security. Additionally it's impossible to update RIGHT NOW as it isn't released yet..

When it comes out the improved stability and new things like multimedia applications, audio stack, per application sound settings, parental controls, aero, networking stack, and overall ease to use will have people flocking to Vista.

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nope... remember I have been a Vista beta tester since the beginning, and there is marked performance degradation. The security model is nowhere near as strong as *nix, It is about on par with XP SP2.

And as you say, it is not released yet. So the majority of people who have not tried it, should have no idea why they want to upgrade. Other than the fact that they think newer is automatically better.

but then, people are sheep, camera makers are currently pushing 7m pixel cameras when 4m pixel are more than adequate for everyones day to day use. We do not all make A1 posters !

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dont talk crap. I have a 3mp camera and a 5mp camera and the pictures on the 5mp camera are clearer and brighter, just like it said on the adverts.

stop come on here and lying, newer is always better as the bugs are always fixed

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I'd blame your hardware mostly but remember, Vista hasn't been finetuned yet since it is still deep in it's development. Unless you've been in a hole for the last 5 years you'd know how much performance is to be gained.

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