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Windows Microsoft has released an interim build of Windows Vista, Build 5342, today to a select group of testers. This is the first build to come with the 'real' Aero Glass: fully scalable vector based transparencies that take advantage of pixel shading. The previous builds contained Aero Express and Aero Express with transparancy, not the real Aero Glass. Other notable improvements: a complete firewall, support for Pocket PC 2000, 2002, and 2003 synchronization, and more. Flexbeta has screenshots, but Flexbeta seems pretty down to me at the moment.
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RE[2]: Fancy...
by dikatlon on Sat 25th Mar 2006 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Fancy..."
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I beg your pardon...
KDE is a DE for different platforms and are soon coming to a Windows box near you!(At least KDE4 libs)

And btw that dude runs FreeBSD - you can see the kernel config in the screenshot.

Indeed that screenshot was crap..btw
Maybe mine is a better example ?

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RE[3]: Fancy...
by mono on Sat 25th Mar 2006 23:16 in reply to "RE[2]: Fancy..."
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yours crap too

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RE[4]: Fancy...
by el3ktro on Sun 26th Mar 2006 09:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Fancy..."
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RE[3]: Fancy...
by dr_gonzo on Sat 25th Mar 2006 23:19 in reply to "RE[2]: Fancy..."
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I realise that KDE runs on different platforms. I think KDE's a great DE. When I use Linux, I usually prefer to use GNOME 'cause I like its defaults whereas with KDE, it takes me about half an hour to set it up the way I like it.

Usually clueless comments like the guy's to whom I was replying come from Linux zealots. It's less likely that he would have been a FreeBSD user (that screenshot may not necessarily have come from his desktop), because FreeBSD users would be more likely to have a clue.

Windows has many valid criticisms but morons still manage to attack it with utter clueless crap.

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RE[4]: Fancy...
by JamesTRexx on Sun 26th Mar 2006 06:12 in reply to "RE[3]: Fancy..."
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Let's see.. *counts* One, two, three at home, one two at work, five FreeBSD machines I'm running full-time, the first has been running for years while in the meantime other have been replaced with newer hardware. Now.. *counts* One. One Gentoo GNU/Linux machine, first setup two weeks ago.
We're an MS shop at work so the amount of Win95, 2000, XP, 2003, and even one 3.11 are in the hundreds.
Yeah, I'm a Linux zealot. *rolls eyes*

If you don't want to look like some clueless zealot or moron yourself it's better to discuss things and not slam down with biased conclusions and namecalling. That's childish.
Oh, and take more care to read properly, the "to me" part I started the comment with showed it was my opinion, not some fact I'm pushing onto other people.

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RE[3]: Fancy...
by Anonymo on Sun 26th Mar 2006 16:32 in reply to "RE[2]: Fancy..."
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Hey dikatlon

contact me

I noticed your WT Library

I have that programs too ;)

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