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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The 770 is not for everybody. If you want something for practical day-to-day use, you're better off buying a PDA or smart phone. And a word to Nokia: make nice with Microsoft. I would love to be able to run Windows Mobile 2005 on this device in place of your version of Linux. It's both fast and complete. Trying to impress the Linux geek crowd is not a good business plan, nor is trying to shoe-horn Linux onto this type of platform. Using Windows Mobile 2005 would make this a far better, and far more successful, mobile device." And part II, one month later: "Right now, I feel like I've pretty much wasted $380 on the 770. I continue to work with it the hope I'll find some hidden feature or application I've missed so far."
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I got one of these two weeks ago and ...
by kadymae on Sun 26th Mar 2006 00:54 UTC
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... it's a crack tablet is what it is.

In the morning, my DH is on the downstairs iBook and if I want to do a quick email check or LJ/OS News surf, then I've got to go up stairs and get on the Pismo (old, weak battery) or my PowerMac.

The Nokia has been the perfect product for me.

I didn't want a PDA because (a) itty bitty screen (b) Windows (c) expensive for what you get (d) pre installed with features I don't give a damn about (e) ho-hum broswer.

I've already downloaded Abi Word (And, as an aside, friggin Best. Linux. Install. EVER. Download, tap the file with the stylus, wham, bam, thank you ma'am, I had AbiWord on "Crumpet".)

When I get my bluetooth keyboard next paycheck (Vacation + Nokia Tablet + $350 Vet bill [] make for a large CC balence) I'll be set.

And the coolest thing is, next time I go on the road, I don't have to lug a laptop along to surf the web, check my email and write notes. Instead I'll have two small items, both of which fit fine in my purse.

Yeah, the 64mb of ram left to the user to install programs on is a bit small (c'mon Nokia, at least 128mb), but I can simply store all of my data on one of those itty bitty flash memory cards and I'm golden.

(I hear you can also speed up the multitasking features if you set up swap file functionality on your memory card.)

This little device has everything I want and nothing I don't. I don't expect a fully functional palmtop computer, I don't want/need a PDA. I just want to write and surf. (And load a few pictures I've taken on it so I can show some friends how I've framed and displayed their art.)


The cheapest place I've found to buy Nokia 770 and a stowaway bluetooth keyboard is (Free shipping.)

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How does ABI work on 770?
Could you post some performance measurements, experiences editing longish documents. How stable is it?

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kadymae Member since:

Could you post some performance measurements, experiences editing longish documents. How stable is it?

Haven't had a much of a chance yet -- no keyboard at the moment.

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