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SkyOS The SkyOS team has released Build 5550 to beta testers. Highlights of this release: improved login and installer including progress bar; MMX/SSE and improved MTRR support which results in better VESA perfomance; Factory (utility used for building/porting software); support for Mono; Apache, APR, VLC, Perl, etc.; VMWare tools service; new Software Store; WebServer service; many improvements for developers; 206 fixed bugs since last beta; and much more.
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by dikatlon on Sun 26th Mar 2006 21:24 UTC
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I cannot reach the page cause of the slashdot effect.
Anyway is there any planned release date?
Is there any roadmap to an release candidate or above that - an 5.0 release?

Is there any clear goals to what kind of users SkyOs looks for?
Anyway, for me I could buy this just for the reason that I am interested in operatingsystems :=)

It whould be nice to see some diagrams and statistics of the perfomance and so on..

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RE: Release
by digitaldisaster on Sun 26th Mar 2006 23:03 in reply to "Release"
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goals and release schedule are pretty much what Robert wants and when Robert wants ;)
Performance isn't so hot for a variety of reasons (features and bug-fixing taking priority over optimisation, graphics drivers written from scratch with no official docs, binaries including debug symbols to aid bug reporting) but is very usable and ever improving

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