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Amiga & AROS It was a nice departure last week, to write about not so serious matters, in order to make fun of everything and everyone (including myself). Today, however, it's back to more serious matters (if you can call computer matters 'serious', of course): Amiga OS4. Or how it will fail utterly if Hyperion/Amiga Inc. don't get their heads out of the sand. Note: Sunday Eve Column.
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The whole Amiga mess
by SimpleMachine on Sun 26th Mar 2006 21:49 UTC
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The Hyperion people must have some kind of hardware solution in the works for the future. Why would they keep updating the OS if they didnt?.

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RE: The whole Amiga mess
by digitaldisaster on Sun 26th Mar 2006 21:59 in reply to "The whole Amiga mess"
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well apart from Hyperion probably being privy to more information than the rest of us I would have to say that it is the reported clause in their contract which protects them in the case of the collapse of any other Amiga partners and delivering a final solution to the existing user-base of a few thousand AmigaOn's plus the Cyberstorm PPC/Blizzard PPC accelerator cards for classic Amigas. If they were to stop now at thist latest hurdle then they would be throwing away years of hard work for nothing.

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RE[2]: The whole Amiga mess
by melgross on Mon 27th Mar 2006 06:18 in reply to "RE: The whole Amiga mess"
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If that's the main reason why they would continue work, then they are all fools. To throw good money after bad is the worst business sense anyone could have.

If they don't have a date of completion, and a respectable plan to recover all that they have spend on the project, as well as continuing profits, then they should get out now. If they have no control over the OS itself, then they have nothing.

It seems as though there are no more than a few who are interested at this stage, and there are fewer every day.

I joined to see what is going on, and to give occasional help, if I could. But it looks grim.

I have no interest in buying a machine, and I don't know anyone else who does either.

It's sad, but its time has gone.

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RE: The whole Amiga mess
by Redhouse on Sun 26th Mar 2006 22:05 in reply to "The whole Amiga mess"
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There was no backup plan, we truly believed we could handle the whole Amigaone situation. No other new hardware is allowed without authorisation.

Our Solicitor has tried to contact Amiga Inc for many months but received no reply, please note taking legal action towards Amiga Inc and Hyperion was used as the last resort (other ways failed).

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RE[2]: The whole Amiga mess
by kimsen1967 on Sun 26th Mar 2006 23:47 in reply to "RE: The whole Amiga mess"
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Still imposting Alan Redhouse i see, trying to fill googles caches with false quotes ?.

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