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Mac OS X's very own Mac Reference Guide, Owen Linzmayer, again risks the slings and arrows of Apple's most ardent admirers with another look at how Tiger rubs him wrong. Take a look at "Ten More Things I Hate About Mac OS X" to see if you recognize any of your own pet peeves. Elsewhere on the same site, this chapter covers the initial installation and setup of Mac OS X Tiger, either as a fresh installation, or as an upgrade from a previous version. Detailed instructions are given to help you set your Mac up just how you want it.
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RE: Question is..
by spook on Mon 27th Mar 2006 00:56 UTC in reply to "Question is.."
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Never understood why you call yourself justanothermacuser when ever post you do is just a Apple bash, why not just call yourself OSXtroll and be truthful - your points might be useful if every other OS was better but they are not, they all have there good and bad points

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RE[2]: Question is..
by Mystilleef on Mon 27th Mar 2006 01:17 in reply to "RE: Question is.."
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And you are attacking him based on what points?

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RE[2]: Question is..
by Wintermute on Mon 27th Mar 2006 14:52 in reply to "RE: Question is.."
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Constantly criticizing Apple does not make a person a troll. Luckily (or sadly for you) there is no law banning the criticism of Apple. If you’re precious company does not deserve criticisms, and then use debate to counter the opinions of those who you perceive as trolls. Apple is not perfect and some people might even say that Apple is simply a marketing company which is only perceived as adding value to its products.

Don't you love the Mac thought police....

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RE[2]: Question is..
by monmothma on Mon 27th Mar 2006 21:04 in reply to "RE: Question is.."
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It takes a mac user to know what to criticize about his own damn system. I always use linux distros. I have a long long long list of grievances against all of them and I'm not afraid of mentioning them on forums across the internet. I still keep using them to the exclusion of all other operating systems.

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