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Fedora Core A review of the latest Fedora Core release, code named "Bordeaux", the Fedora Core 5, which has proven itself to be one of the best Linux distributions out there was published by OSNews' own Fedora Core 5 review was published a few hours ago too.
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RE: faster core?
by hraq on Mon 27th Mar 2006 02:47 UTC in reply to "faster core?"
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I agree with you. when I run multiple programs which they have a similar binaries for windows, I notice that windows is way much more faster (but not safe of course).

I ran eg firefox and Azureus 2.4, amule, 4GB network transfer over a dedicated NIC, while watching 1.4 GB movie on xine and my CPU became 100% whereas in windows it is just 70%.

Of course, if you give linux/GNU more time they will start to jump from solving bugs to tweaking for performance, a good example would be GNOME 2.14 which is a big leap in performance.

Overall, you will not be annoyed unless your CPU/RAM are >4 years old.

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RE[2]: faster core?
by somebody on Mon 27th Mar 2006 13:59 in reply to "RE: faster core?"
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I ran eg firefox and Azureus 2.4, amule, 4GB network transfer over a dedicated NIC, while watching 1.4 GB movie on xine and my CPU became 100% whereas in windows it is just 70%.

Yep, and the problem in this equation is... azareus (I say that about linux version, I didn't even tried Windows one). Switch to any other torrent client and all your problems will go away.

My worst case test on opteron1.8-4GB RAM (with official torrent client (btw. calling torrent was reniced from a normal level)) was 150 opened torrents (all totaled to 200GB of data requested in about 400-500 files) (fiber connection to internet makes this possible), average downloading was 9.1MB/s and uploading 12MB/s (torrents were randomly clicked, but all had enough seeds). Machine was completely usable (ok, it was noticable slower but still snappy after software finaly loaded (loading was the slowest part and quite slow for the fact), sideline disk transfer does that to every computer). I could watch video normaly (both xine and mplayer), burning worked... After that I leaved this runing for one night. In the morning, desktop performed badly at first because complete desktop probably resided in swap. But after runing for a few minutes (or better as soon as I started using some piece of software disk went crazy for few seconds and started runing normaly) desktop was again snappy as ever. CPU never went over 60%, except in loading spikes.

Now back to azareus. The same machine performed really terrible when stress testing with azareus and 10 torrents where I was suffering from the same symptoms as you described. And with more time azareus was runing symptoms were worster. An no magic solution here (renicing or not). Desktop was simply terrible.

My advice. Don't use azareus. And it really helps if disk where you're downloading torrents is not the same as the one containing OS.

p.s. I haven't tried amule.

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RE[3]: faster core?
by hraq on Mon 27th Mar 2006 19:07 in reply to "RE[2]: faster core?"
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I always use my "ksysguard" or other process watching applications to pinpoint the problem I have when CPU goes 100%.
In my case azureus took only 4-7% (40% when checking the download for integrity, which only take 1 minute with 1400 MB file); the very interesting thing comes from mozilla firefox ( and earlier versions ) which leaves your CPU at 40 % for as long as you leave it open and there is 10 web sites tabs open with normal amount of flash animations playing.
Another weared thing with CPU usage was comming from Network transfer or any process that uses the disk subsystem, where it records ~40%.

Looking at "Resident Memory" from ksysguard will show you that firefox is the only weared leaking applications of all of these I described in my previous reply. Closing tabs does not free memory!!

I advice all people to watch closly their processes to be aware of how efficient programs work; and please report them online.

By the way if you go to Edit>Options "Content" tab>Load Images and uncheck load images firefox CPU drops to 8% down from 40% with the same amount of opened tabs (10).

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