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Google Phil Sim, a professional with technology editor journalist background, has written three interesting blog posts recently, discussing the much-rumored Google OS (1, 2, 3). He speculates that all user's data will be stored online on Google's servers and so one's desktop and files can be retrieved exactly as left by any other PC station, anywhere in the world, by simply using his Gmail credentials. It's like having your OS on a usb key with you at all times, only, without the usb key...
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Privacy and other things of minor importance
by Kris on Mon 27th Mar 2006 20:23 UTC
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While gmail may be good from a technical point of view I cannot use it because of the accociated Terms of Service.

I can only imagine what they would be like for a Google-OS. Thus I'm quite puzzled why the "geneal geek audience"* seems to unite under Google's banner.

* As you might have guessed, the use of the word general implies that this is of course a generalization.

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Of course I agree with you and the previous commentator about privacy issues, but here's the thing: transport yourself back when the first bank and life insurance company was created. I am sure people didn't wanna led their money to these companies either. But with time, the good outweighed the bad and today these are formidable business and most people are not afraid anymore of them.

I guess the real question is: do you have something to hide from Google or FBI?

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Kris Member since:

Since you edited in the real question:
Yes I have plenty to hide. Private Information wich I'm not very interested in sharing with any company. And let's just say I have a certain gut feeling that Google isn't all that bad at data mining and selling customer data.

Is it because I'm paranoid ? Probably.
Is it because I belive in certain basic rights ? Certainly.

"If you have nothing to hide that shouldn't be a problem" was a phrase often used by the GESTAPO btw. Just because I have nothing to hide doesn't mean I don't care.

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"do you have something to hide from Google or FBI? "

I am afraid because this kind of questions are usually said by fascists ...

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'do you have something to hide from Google or FBI?'

Yes. But if you were to answer no to that question, then the question becomes 'do you have something on google now that you might want to hide from google or the fbi in the future?' Almost everyone can answer yes to that. If it isn't illegal now, it probably will be in the future.

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Banking is not a good comparison because what we're talking about is not storing a number representing your balance and changes to that number but a whole load of personal and private information stored in ONE central database under the control of a commercial entity.

"I guess the real question is: do you have something to hide from Google or FBI?"

That's not the point.

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