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Mac OS X's very own Mac Reference Guide, Owen Linzmayer, again risks the slings and arrows of Apple's most ardent admirers with another look at how Tiger rubs him wrong. Take a look at "Ten More Things I Hate About Mac OS X" to see if you recognize any of your own pet peeves. Elsewhere on the same site, this chapter covers the initial installation and setup of Mac OS X Tiger, either as a fresh installation, or as an upgrade from a previous version. Detailed instructions are given to help you set your Mac up just how you want it.
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RE[3]: More peeves
by PowerMacX on Tue 28th Mar 2006 06:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: More peeves"
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it is foolish to assume that all files owned by a person reside on the Desktop, or in $home, Applications, Documents, Movies, Music or Pictures.

Yes, the sidebar is not a tree view if that was your point. ;)
It has a different purpose: it's designed to have your most used folders readily available. You can add more simply by dragging them there and/or remove the existing ones if you don't have a use for them (just drag them out). Note that adding or removing a folder there does not change the actual location of a folder, it is just an alias.

This is compounded when you connect a USB drive.

Why? USB drives, CD-RWs, mounted drives in general, appear on the sidebar of each window, they are always easily accessible. You can configure what exactly shows up in "Finder > Preferences..." in the Sidebar tab.

Finder also makes it more difficult to open a second instance - especially when clicking the Finder icon in the dock. Not impressed.

Err... did you try command-n? Also, if you want to open a folder in a different window, just command-double click on it. I have my mouse click wheel mapped to command-click for this purpose.
Another option is switching the window to "spatial view" by clicking on the top-right button in the title bar. Or, if you want to keep the standard window look (sidebar & toolbar), go to "Finder > Preferences" and in the General tab select "Always open folders in a new window".

If 10.5 doesn't have a tree view, I'm going to replace OS X with Fedora.

Well, Apple posted job openings looking for people to work on the new Finder for 10.5, so maybe it will ;) A very basic option I would like to see added to it is the choice to put folders first in the sort order of all views.

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