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Google Phil Sim, a professional with technology editor journalist background, has written three interesting blog posts recently, discussing the much-rumored Google OS (1, 2, 3). He speculates that all user's data will be stored online on Google's servers and so one's desktop and files can be retrieved exactly as left by any other PC station, anywhere in the world, by simply using his Gmail credentials. It's like having your OS on a usb key with you at all times, only, without the usb key...
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But it's not a new os...
by iphitus on Tue 28th Mar 2006 08:13 UTC
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1) If google make a big web portal where you can save files, send email, search, write documents etc.

That aint an OS. An OS is the software that a system depends on for the system to be usable and for other software to run, by dealing with things such as hardware drivers and filesystems.

2) If google release their own 'OS' using Linux
That aint a new OS. that's Linux. It's a new front on an old friend. If they customise the Linux kernel extensively, or enough to consider it a solid variant, then they risk driver incompatibility, and thus people wont use it.

3) Google write an OS from scratch
It wont have the driver support and would take years to mature to a usable level on a majority of hardware. This isnt something that could be effectively tested in house either.

With either of the latter two, they would never be adopted, as a majority of the third party software out there may not/won't run. Google cannot replace everything.

Google aren't creating an Operating System.


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